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Best History Books for Preparation for Civil Service Exam (Prelims And Mains)

 Best History Books for Preparation for Civil Service Exam (Prelims And Mains)

1.  India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra

India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra is best book for an in-depth and detailed overview on Indian independence movement. Freedom struggle of Indian people is one of the most important parts of India’s history.  It is considered as one of the most accurate books which have been written after thoroughly done research based on legal and valid verbal and written sources. This is one of the best books on Indian History. Order Here.

2. Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania

Indian Art and Culture Written by Nitin Singhania, offers comprehensive and latest information covering the broad field of knowledge on Indian art, paintings, music and architecture for the aspirants of Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations. Order Here.

3. India Since Independence by Bipan Chandra

This book is a sequel to the Authors Best-Selling India S Struggle For Independence. With in-depth Insight and Clarity, this book describes how against all odds The Constitution was framed by seeking the widest possible consensus. As also how The Nehruvian Political and Economic Agenda and Basics of Foreign Policy were evolved and developed. Vital for The Quest for Consolidation of the Nation Was the Integration of the Princely States, The Linguistic Reorganization Of The States, and the Integration Of The Tribal into the mainstream and the countering of regional imbalances. Order Here.

4. History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra

Satish Chandra s History of Medieval India is a comprehensive overview of the history of the Indian subcontinent during the medieval period between the 8th and the 18th century. History of Medieval India studies this interesting period in Indian history when the land underwent drastic changes, deeply influenced by the invading armies, religious movements and the vicissitudes of the changing political, economic and cultural scene. Order Here

5. India's Ancient Past by R.S Sharma

This book is based on the extremely popular school textbook on Ancient India by Professor R.S.Sharma prepared by him. This is a book meant for all those people who want a masterly yet eminently readable introduction to overview of, India's early history, be it students, tourists, or the interested lay reader. Order Here

6. Ancient India History + Medieval India History + Modern India History (NCERT) 

These textbooks comprehensively cover all aspects of Indian history from ancient, medieval to the modern history. These textbooks are of vital importance to the candidates preparing for Civil Service examinations. Order Here

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